Paolo Ascari - AGV Software Engineering Manager

Paolo Ascari - AGV Software Engineering Manager

On January 24, 2022 the role of Paolo Ascari as AGV Software Engineering Manager of the Software Department was officially announced. The need for a manager who could guide the software technicians in their growth

and innovation process had been felt for some time, and finally this desire has been realized. Now Proxaut's software department has about ten people, who are constantly flanked by external technical programmers, who are a real resource.

Ascari's objectives are the same as Proxaut's: to improve product engineering and expansion in terms of offer and quality in the coming months. "In the medium term," Ascari announces, "expect big changes at the organizational level because I am working on rebalancing workloads; I also want to enhance my collaborators, through specific training courses organized in consideration of their skills and expectations; this is the time for each of us to show what we can all do together." Thanks to this internal reorganization, Ascari will be able to reach those goals of technological innovation that we know will arrive in the not-too-distant future. How will Ascari's projects evolve in the coming months? Follow us on LinkedIn and we will give you all the answers about the innovations introduced at the Software level.

Keep you posted, #KEEP GOING!


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