Goodbye Stefano Tartarini, a truly competent and loving colleague

Goodbye Stefano Tartarini, a truly competent and loving colleague

On 23 December 2022, a person we will always remember, passed away. When a colleague like Stefano Tartarini leaves you, the sorrow is the same than losing a dear friend.

None of us would ever have imagined that this day would come so suddenly. We are here to remember all together the beautiful person we had beside us. Your passing has shocked everyone, not only our colleagues but also our customers, who were the first to praise the work of our IT Manager, a determined and decisive man, cheerful and competent, who faced everyday challenges smiling. Your generosity and selflessness were truly appreciated by all, and your skills and your passion for colourful plastic bricks will never be forgotten. You always cared about you colleagues and we will all remember you as our colleague called “Tartarus”, the unique IT Manager with an old mobile phone coming from the nineties, that no one envied you, and we all joked about.

Dear Stefano, wherever you are, your memory will give us comfort. Memories are the bridge between this life and eternity, a sort of “remote connection” to Paradise...

Happy journey Stefano, from all of Proxaut and those who loved you.


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