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Customer Care and Customer Service, with the customer at the centre of everything

2022 foto ServiceCustomer Care and Customer Service are the services that PROXAUT makes available to its customers, confirming that the customer is at the centre of everything. They need fast and decisive answers, and we are committed to their satisfaction.


It is by listening to the customer that you are able to establish a synergistic relationship with them. This allows PROXAUT to understand and assess their needs; it is only through listening that it is possible to establish which services to offer and which activities to undertake. The relationship that is established with each customer is unique; mutual knowledge creates a strong bond that over time allows the growth and development of new solutions.

Truly understanding the customer's needs, both in the quotation phase and in the development phase of the project, is the central activity of this company function.

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Telephone support Tel: +39 059 934939

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This is the set of services that PROXAUT provides to its customers to ensure the correct and appropriate use of its systems. It is therefore not only concerned with the vehicles but includes the whole plant.

Customer Service also deals with the management of software and warehouse processes; these are also fundamental aspects of PROXAUT's know-how.

Customer Service deals specifically with production assistance, the formulation and installation of modifications, the training of plant operators, the resolution of technical issues and both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Contact PROXAUT Customer Service: 

Telephone support Tel: +39 059 934939

Support via E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical documents

PROXAUT pays particular attention to the drafting of the technical documentation accompanying the systems. Unless otherwise agreed, the standard supply generally includes: the final lay-out, the electrical and hydraulic diagrams, the list of alarms, the spare parts list, the installed programmes, the manuals, the safety data sheets, the risk analysis, etc.

Particular care is taken in the drafting of these last two documents, which are created in collaboration with qualified external firms specialised in safety, to ensure maximum compliance with the regulations.

Continuous compliance with regulations and constant analysis of residual risks make PROXAUT systems safe and suitable for operating in all environments, even the most difficult ones, such as cold rooms.

Maintenance and spare parts service

PROXAUT offers customer care and maintenance services, including preventive ones, to minimise the possibility of problems due to wear and obsolescence. The PROXAUT maintenance service program offers a package of services which includes:

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Supply of recommended and priority spare parts list
  • Technical assessment of the state of the equipment and obsolescence analysis
  • "No worries" packages that guarantee customers telephone and remote assistance. Thanks to these solutions, the customer is supported by highly qualified PROXAUT staff whose contribution allows effective and decisive interventions to be made in a very short time.

The installation of two MODULA automatic vertical warehouses has increased storage capacity and significantly improved the supply of components and spare parts. The choice to adopt this innovative type of warehouse is strategic, and, indeed, allows us to have more and more items available and to facilitate the constant exchange of data with the company management software.

Installation and Academy Team

The PROXAUT technical team supports its customers worldwide, providing experience and expertise starting from the installation and start-up of the system at the customer's premises.

Once the installation of the system and the AGVs has been completed, the customer's staff is trained with special courses held by our Academy Team. PROXAUT has a group of highly specialised technicians who are able to train both users and technicians who will be called to carry out the interventions. The Academy Team works mainly on-site, but is also able to hold courses online, providing the right support to minimise the downtime of newly launched plants.

PROXAUT machines all comply with the requirements of Industry 4.0 and offer a secure remote connection, which allows a quick and easy analysis of problems. The software installed on the vehicles is equipped with diagnostic systems that help technicians to identify and keep track of what has happened in the past in terms of critical issues, errors, alarms, updates, etc.


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