PROXAUT for environment

Electric car recharging

With the construction of the new plant, the ecological spirit of Proxaut became more and more concrete and in fact a charging station was created with a column for electric cars. At the moment this station is used daily for only one vehicle, but the goal for the next few years is certainly to increase the number of vehicles and columns. KEEP GOING!

Less plastic, more green solutions

Who said that only bottled water is good water? At Proxaut, we have a real source of water, which flows both at room temperature and chilled…
The miracle? A purification column from which all employees and collaborators can draw high-quality drinking water that comes from the municipal aqueduct. Since 2018, Proxaut staff have been equipped with a personalised thermal bottle with the company brand and name, which you can easily fill whenever you wish, without limits of use. Therefore, day after day, the amount of useless plastic waste in the form of packaging such as PET bottles is reduced.  Every year, Proxaut prevents about 6,000 1.5-litre bottles from being released into the environment, which corresponds to about 500 kg of PET, without considering the CO2 emissions resulting from the production and transport of this commodity.

Solar panels

The new Proxaut plant is equipped with solar panels which, thanks to the activity of pure silicon photovoltaic cells, produce the electricity needed to power the company's consumption and feed the energy produced but not used into the grid.


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