The company is able to internally manage everything necessary for the construction of AGV vehicles, from mechanical and electrical design, to software, to the machine board and system management.
Maximum care is also dedicated to the role of safety devices, which are made in accordance with the most recent regulations in force.
Proxaut has always pursued a specific goal: the creation of highly customised innovative vehicles with ad-hoc solutions, capable of improving the productivity and safety of companies.
The company also offers a consultancy service and after-sales technical assistance even on its older systems, so that these are always efficient and safe.

PROXAUT vehicles

PROXAUT specialises in producing highly customised vehicles, but at the same time it is also able to offer more standard products to give a complete service to its customers.
PROXAUT AGV vehicles, based on their applications, can be divided into two major families that contain unique possibilities and combinations:

AGV – LOADER series

The AGV PROXLOADERs, powered by lithium battery and with a maximum net capacity of up to 170 tonnes, allow you to replace traditional fixed transport systems, gaining in flexibility and in configurability of the entire production cycle.
By adapting the loading plan, they can interface production lines, robotic islands or packaging lines, offering the possibility of handling different types of products.


AGV – LIFTER series

The AGV PROXLIFTERs differ in capacity, up to a maximum indicative net capacity of 6000 kg, and in terms of the quantity and type of load to be handled.
They can be automatically laser-guided or mixed.
Powered by a lithium battery, they perform the task of picking up and depositing the goods to be handled, replacing the traditional forklift.
The family also includes AGVs commonly known as very narrow aisle (VNA) AVGs and they are available in two different models; with telescopic forks or with a trilateral attachment, for applications up to 13 metres in height. 



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