It is an Italian company founded in 1996 by Stefano Ballotti, which is based in Piumazzo di Castelfranco Emilia in the province of Modena.

For over twenty-five years, the company has been dedicated to the design and production of AGV vehicles for the handling and storage of goods.


Proxaut came into being as an entrepreneurial and artisanal company, but over the years it has evolved and now is present on the market as a structured company, made up of people and experience, discipline and reciprocity.
The informal environment that characterises Proxaut allows the sharing of information and, thanks to the introduction of the Project Manager in 2018, the foundations were laid for a new company organisation where the word strategy is synonymous with communication, planning, critical thinking, delegation and time management.
Over the years, the founder of Proxaut, Stefano Ballotti, has been able to surround himself with people to whom he can delegate certain company functions. As the company grew, so did the number of co-workers and, consequently, the skill-set of each one of them.

The organisation model that Proxaut has chosen to follow and has built over time is a functional structure made up of skills and talents in service of the customer.
Why this structure?
Since Proxaut aims to build uniqueness, to create special AGVs with attention to every detail and where the taste for beauty is recognised, this type of organisation is able to influence the company's operations so as to achieve objectives. The figure of the Project Manager recognises these various skills and puts them to good use, coordinating the company functions to make processes quick and efficient.



Paolo Ascari - AGV Software Engineering Manager
Paolo Ascari - AGV Software Engineering Manager

On January 24, 2022 the role of Paolo Ascari as AGV Software Engineering Manager of the Software Department was official...

Gabriele Macchi - Chief Technology Officer
Gabriele Macchi - Chief Technology Officer

The new Chief Technology Officer Gabriele Macchi, a figure already working in Proxaut's R&D Department, was presente...

Stefano Ballotti
Stefano Ballotti

Stefano Ballotti, the founder of PROXAUT, begins to work as a technician in his family’s industry and starts building th...


Proxaut S.r.l.
Via della Tecnica n. 4 - Piumazzo
Castelfranco Emilia (MO)

Tel. +39 059 934939
Partita IVA 02388920361
Cap. soc. €.800.000,00 i.v.  


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