New section "Our faces", we fully believe in our team

New section "Our faces", we fully believe in our team

This is the new section, that has just been created, to present the team of people who make up Proxaut's workforce. The section, renamed "Our Faces", was designed to present to the public a number of strategic figures, just arrived and already present, whose contribution will be crucial in the near future.

"It is only thanks to our continuous investments in new resources and the promotion of existing and historic employees, that a company can grow and go from being an artisan business unit with a mainly domestic market, to a more structured and competitive reality on an international level. Building special AGVs, LGVs, shuttles and automatic guided vehicles in general is the result of the work of many people characterized of many different skills. I believe that everyone's contribution is decisive and should not be underestimated; each person in our team is called upon to give the best of themselves at all times. To be active and proactive, this is our motto for 2022 and for the years to come". These are the words of founder Stefano Ballotti talking about Proxaut's grmowth, also in terms of resources and skills. "Two difficult years has just passed despite of the Company has always been hiring. I can confirm that we are planning to expand further", this is the confirmation that Proxaut is growing rapidly and is currently looking for staff. To apply, visit the dedicated "Work with us" section and/or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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