PROXAUT, silver wedding with innovation

“KEEP GOING” is the pay-off that Proxaut has chosen to stand out starting from December 2020, to underline its intention to move forward and grow, despite the unfavourable period.

Proxaut has been designing and manufacturing special and highly customised self-driving vehicles for over 20 years. To the question "Are your machines only unmanned vehicles?" founder Stefano Ballotti answers: “When we talk about Industry 4.0 we are talking about artificial intelligence but above all we are talking about IoT, the Internet of Things, or rather the ability to combine information between various digital devices to create bona fide smart companies.
The AGV is not only intelligent because it is able to move safely without an operator, it is also able to pick up goods only when needed; it is an efficient operator who communicates with the company management system, which sends information in real time on the status of its mission and its cargo. The Proxaut AGVs are evolving and, thanks to the Edge and Cloud Computing architecture, they are becoming vehicles that learn from the point of view of machine learning and therefore, in case of need or emergency, are able to adopt solutions, as genuine operators. AGVs make factory work more flexible and help reduce work times and costs because in their careful and constant movement, they learn, act and monitor. For years, Proxaut has been working alongside companies to create increasingly high-performance AGV vehicles with internal processes that ensure quality and service.
Building AGV in 2021 means exactly this and Proxaut is delighted to be a part, together with its customers, of this innovation process, of this Fourth Industrial Revolution.



Proxaut S.r.l.
Via della Tecnica n. 4 - Piumazzo
Castelfranco Emilia (MO)

Tel. +39 059 934939
Partita IVA 02388920361
Cap. soc. €.800.000,00 i.v.  

ASSOCIATO Confindustria

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