The best team for a successful audit...

The best team for a successful audit...

A week-long audit with Middleby personnel specialized on company procedures has just concluded. Since Proxaut was founded in 1996, many procedures have been introduced as the company has grown in terms of resources and production. These are essentially a series of internal rules, protocols and “policies” to make internal processes clearer and more efficient. 

Proxaut’s team included many people coming from different departments (Financial, Administrative, Production, Sales, HR, etc) and offered detailed explanations and descriptions about the procedures in force to the auditors. Most of the time, Proxaut was already in line with the Middleby Group's procedural expectations and guidelines. When it was necessary to implement processes with new procedures, the staff of Proxaut replied to the auditors' comments offering support in formulating suitable solutions to bring the company in line with Middleby's guidelines.

Proxaut would like to thank all those who participated in person, but also those who remained on the background, whose work was decisive for the success of the audit.

See you at the next audit @Rimmi Basi @Priya Bains @Mattew Hlavinka and thank you for being at our side in this first auditing experience, we found it very helpful to take a “picture” of our company in 2023.

Keep you posted, #KEEPGOING!


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