“The constant collaboration between Proxaut and INVAT, also coordinated by the Logobit International Logistics Consulting Firm represented by Enrico Mendace, has allowed for the realisation of a successful project. The handling and storage of the customer's INVAT caps are now also carried out thanks to two AGVs built by Proxaut.” cit. Lorenzo Melli, Project Manager of Proxaut SRL

INVAT SRL produces caps and closures for tinplate containers, polyethylene bottles and PET bottles used in the product sectors of lubricating oils, edible oils and chemical products. The company was founded in 1960 with the creation, for the first time in ITALY, of a plastic closure to be applied by pressure onto tinplate containers. The goal was to provide lubricating oil packers with a closure system that was easy and quick to apply both manually and automatically, safe in order to guarantee the integrity of the sealed product, not protruding in order to allow the overlapping of the packages, functional for the end-user and, finally, economically advantageous. The system created was so responsive to this target that within a few years it was a major market player and in 1965 it had already been adopted by all the major oil companies operating on the national market. Subsequently, other models were created aimed both at other product sectors (edible oils and chemical products) and at containers of different sizes and different types, always paying the utmost attention to the evolution of the market and constant customer satisfaction and without losing sight the original goal of creating closure systems that are easy to use, safe and with the right quality-price-performance ratio. Today INVAT produces caps for tinplate containers, for polyethylene bottles and for PET bottles and for the product sectors of lubricating oils, edible oils and chemical products.

The company, founded and developed in the original headquarters in Campo Ligure (GE), has reached a production volume such as to require a new, larger and more functional owned plant in Ovada (AL) where INVAT moved in 2017.

"Initially," explains Mr. Federico Rossi, CEO of INVAT, "we had prepared an empty area for the temporary storage of semi-finished products, but we soon realised that without adequate optimisation and therefore without an automated solution, we could not continue to work".

The company therefore turned to the Logobit International Logistics Consulting Firm, represented by Enrico Mendace, to identify a project suitable for handling and storage needs.

“The challenge was particularly daring," recalls Enrico Mendace, "because the available area was rather narrow and interrupted by fire doors, so a warehousing carrier solution was impractical”.

Hence the choice of a double-depth racking warehouse, 7.5 meters high, with handling by AGV trolley, in addition to another LGV trolley for the supply of load units (LU) to the warehouse. The plant contains about 1,400 load units that are managed and moved on the basis of production and subsequently sent to the final assembly phase. 4 lateral entry bays to the warehouse were prepared (via LGV trolley) and the same number of exits with the use of manual trolleys.

"Together with Logobit International," explains Federico Rossi "we designed a suitable solution and subsequently analysed the potential suppliers. Proxaut was chosen for many reasons: the double-depth telescopic gripping system, the relative proximity to our factory, the references of other customers in our sector, and fair value for money."

Mendace highlights the fact that "the plant's start-up was not the simplest, since the two AGV vehicles intended for the INVAT customer are actually two prototypes, constituting two unique projects of their kind and designed specifically for INVAT. However, Proxaut assisted us step by step and intervened whenever necessary, supporting us in this project.”

These words represent Proxaut's true mission:

“What is special makes us unique.
We design and build customised machines for automatic handling.
We do this by listening to the needs of our customers, to guarantee them the best solutions."

Cit. Brand Platform 2021.

This solution totally eliminates any possibility of error in the withdrawal of the load units as they are all identified with a QRcode. The warehouse WMS is online with the Company MES, which was also recently activated, so all the processing and storage phases are monitored and controlled.

"Fortunately, our company is growing strongly," concludes Mr. Rossi, "so we are considering an expansion of the warehouse and a greater use of automatic handling in the production phases, again by AGV and LGV vehicles, which have proved to be very versatile. These future prospects will obviously lead us to a consolidation of the relationship with the Proxaut supplier with whom we started this adventure."

"The collaboration with Dalmine for the racks," specifies Lorenzo Melli of Proxaut, "and the continuous dialogue with the consultant Logobit International, have allowed us to work optimally and to manage issues with competent and well-prepared staff.”

"We are a unique team, with us are also our customers, and as such each of us personally contributes to the success of all."

Stefano Ballotti, founder of Proxaut SRL
30 March, 2021





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