Stefano Ballotti

Stefano Ballotti

Stefano Ballotti, the founder of PROXAUT, begins to work as a technician in his family’s industry and starts building the first automatic-guided AGV vehicles in the late 80s.

He takes his first steps with his father, but later on he understands that making standard AGVs is not his future and he starts his career as a passionate and visionary entrepreneur. A very decisive choice which really made his fortune. Based on this vision, in 1996 PROXAUT was founded, the “AGV atelier ”. Unique and special customized models are designed and produced, studied and developed on the client’s needs. The innovating and pioneering spirit is nurtured everyday with a constant vital nourishment made of technology devoted to companies. Stefano Ballotti has always been the leading figure of the Company, and over the years he has been able to recruit and bring together the right people to help Proxaut grow from a decidedly artisanal start-up, to the structured and dynamic reality that it is today.

“Every cable and every element has a very specific place in our vehicles, I like to check and verify that everything is made carefully and precisely in our atelier” cit. Stefano Ballotti.

Attention to detail and the absolute search for innovative and unique solutions, are the foundations on which Stefano Ballotti created Proxaut and which he does not intend to give up in the future either.

Let's expect great things! Keep you posted, KEEP GOING!


Proxaut S.r.l.
Via della Tecnica n. 4 - Piumazzo
Castelfranco Emilia (MO)

Tel. +39 059 934939
Partita IVA 02388920361
Cap. soc. €.800.000,00 i.v.  

ASSOCIATO Confindustria

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