Proxaut's women: let’s introduce Mrs Vanna Sola

For over seven years in Proxaut, Vanna Sola has always dedicated herself to the Purchasing Department within Proxaut and in October 2022, her role as Manager was officially reconfirmed.

The commitment shown in recent years in the management of suppliers and production within the company has made the difference. Many times her contribution has allowed us to carry out unique and highly important projects. Mother and wife, Vanna has always had to juggle work and family, but thanks to Proxaut's "Worklife balance" project, she has always managed to bring the professional and private spheres together. In fact, even before these policies became an object of interest from companies, Proxaut has always been at the side of its employees and collaborators to combine career and private life.

Gabriele Macchi - Chief Technology Officer

The new Chief Technology Officer Gabriele Macchi, a figure already working in Proxaut's R&D Department, was presented on 2021, 3 May.

Stefano Ballotti

Stefano Ballotti, the founder of PROXAUT, begins to work as a technician in his family’s industry and starts building the first automatic-guided AGV vehicles in the late 80s.

Paolo Ascari - AGV Software Engineering Manager

On January 24, 2022 the role of Paolo Ascari as AGV Software Engineering Manager of the Software Department was officially announced. The need for a manager who could guide the software technicians in their growth


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