The Faces of PROXAUT: Meet Ivan Baschieri

The Faces of PROXAUT: Meet Ivan Baschieri

Ivan Baschieri was hired as Head of the Project Management Department in May 2022 to better guide the Project Management Office. Today, this Department consists of 12 people, counting PMs, Site Managers and Technicians.

The main focus set by the American ownership (The Middleby Corporation) to which Baschieri is directly accountable, is mainly aimed at respecting and managing the timeframes agreed upon with the customer, improving estimated margins, managing the specifications sold and handling any Purchase Orders additional to the initial agreement.

The commitment shown over the past year in managing the Technicians on the worksites and coordinating the various company functions within Proxaut rendered it possible to set and test a series of new procedures for overseeing existing projects.

Ivan Baschieri provided the company with his training as a TÜV Lead Auditor and his consolidated experience in Project Management gained with certified companies to direct the department under his responsibility towards a more efficient Project Management and consequently, to better harmonise the transversal activities between the various company departments.

Ivan Baschieri shares with us, “When I came to Proxaut about a year ago, I started to sound out the professionalism and approach to work of the people I collaborate with (those who make the company successful operationally) in order to channel their energies towards the corporate objectives whilst always ensuring respect and clarity in communication. My daily work allowed me to take a snapshot of Proxaut and I chose to apply a concept of change comprised of small steps, managing priority or urgent issues in parallel with the more strategic matters to be implemented in the medium- and long-term.

In answer to the question “What do you see in your future?”, Baschieri responds that he sees the opportunity to work in a company that is mature, streamlined and consolidated in terms of the internal procedures and well integrated with the companies of the Group – a Proxaut capable of handling increasingly complex automation projects all over the world.

Proxaut would like to thank Ivan Baschieri for what he has achieved thus far and stands by him for future challenges and projects.

We’ll keep you posted. #KEEPGOING!


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