Saukville (Wisconsin, USA)

Saukville (Wisconsin, USA)

Supply of 2 AGVs of the LIFTER series, laser guided and sold to an American company belonging to a big group that deals with steel (casting, rolling, extrusion and other processing of this alloy) with an annual revenue of over USD 590 million and over 2000 employees. The special vehicles were made with a special tooling, designed specifically for the customer, consisting of an aluminium bar, reinforced with a steel core, and capable of picking up the coils at the outlet of the extruding station, and then transporting them to a loading area, where they will then be taken for cooling. With a load capacity of more than 2,500 kg (corresponding to approximately 5,500 lbs) and a lifting stroke of more than 2,000 mm, this automatically-guided vehicles are enabled to work 24 hours a day. They allow the customer to facilitate and implement operations within the plant. In order to allow shifts and cover the 24-hour working day, PROXAUT equipped the vehicles with the latest generation of lithium batteries, which improve performance compared to the previous lead-acid batteries. Thanks also to the fast-charging system, it is possible to recharge the vehicle by 50% in significantly less time than before. The system was purchased by the customer to replace the classic manually-operated lifting equipment, the forklift trucks, to improve efficiency and to minimise human error.

The special vehicles were made without forks; in fact, they have an aluminium bar, reinforced with a steel core, capable of picking up the coils coming out of the extruder. 

Processing temperature: in summer, it reaches up to 100°F (37°C)

Year of construction: 2021


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