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AVG in Chalon Sur Saone (Cedex, FRANCIA)

Supply of a fleet of 5 AGVs of the LIFTER series to a French company belonging to a large group operating in the glassworks sector, which deals with glass and its processing (melting and production of bottles and jars). The worldwide group has a turnover of more than 2.6 billion euros and more than 50 locations worldwide, with annual production of more than 16 billion bottles and jars. With this new delivery, six laser-guided AGVs, built in the early 2000s by PROXAUT itself, have been permanently retired. The transport capacity of these machines allows them to carry up to a maximum weight of 2,500 kg (corresponding to approximately 5,500 lbs), reaching a maximum mast lift stroke with the forks of 5,000 mm. In order to enhance the vehicles' efficiency, it was decided to equip them with 4 forks to allow the handling of 2 pallets at a time. In this specific case, the pallets are picked up from the end of the line and then transported to the ground warehouse. These vehicles can be defined as mixed guidance, as they are equipped with both laser and wire guidance systems. The synergy between these systems allows the vehicle to move in complete safety, to operate in small spaces and to speed up movements within the ground warehouse.

The new supply will definitively retire as many as 6 AGVs built in the early 2000s.

Transport capacity: up to a maximum weight of 2,500 kg (5,511 pounds)

Maximum fork height: 5,000 mm

 Number of forks: mast with 4 forks for handling 2 pallets at a time

Year of construction: 2021

Saukville (Wisconsin, USA)

Supply of 2 AGVs of the LIFTER series, laser guided and sold to an American company belonging to a big group that deals with steel (casting, rolling, extrusion and other processing of this alloy) with an annual revenue of over USD 590 million and over 2000 employees. The special vehicles were made with a special tooling, designed specifically for the customer, consisting of an aluminium bar, reinforced with a steel core, and capable of picking up the coils at the outlet of the extruding station, and then transporting them to a loading area, where they will then be taken for cooling. With a load capacity of more than 2,500 kg (corresponding to approximately 5,500 lbs) and a lifting stroke of more than 2,000 mm, this automatically-guided vehicles are enabled to work 24 hours a day. They allow the customer to facilitate and implement operations within the plant. In order to allow shifts and cover the 24-hour working day, PROXAUT equipped the vehicles with the latest generation of lithium batteries, which improve performance compared to the previous lead-acid batteries. Thanks also to the fast-charging system, it is possible to recharge the vehicle by 50% in significantly less time than before. The system was purchased by the customer to replace the classic manually-operated lifting equipment, the forklift trucks, to improve efficiency and to minimise human error.

AGV vehicle, Shuttle Outdoor series in Gundershoffen, France

Supply of one AGV vehicle of the SHUTTLE series to a new French customer well known in the production of bakery products for snacks and aperitifs, the bretzel par excellence: the Alsatians (mini-brezels and sticks).

The buyer Company is producing high quality bretzels since 1935 and today it employs over 70 employees in the Alsace region, baking over 24 tonnes of mini-bretzels per day (24/7).

The AGV system was purchased by the customer in order to connect two non-adjacent production facilities (a production plant and a warehouse) in an automated and secure manner. Improving the efficiency and minimising the time needed to transfer goods is one of the goals keeping and controlling the position of the AGV shuttle and the status of the goods at all times via the Proxaut Supply Supervisor. In general, the customer did not want to have forklifts drivers outside, independently on the weather conditions outside.

The vehicle that Proxaut designed for the French customer has to move from one plant to another and it have to transfer two cardboard boxes weighing approximately 1,000 kg.

To ensure optimum signal reception, the vehicle was equipped with an enhanced wi-fi system covering a radius of over 300 metres, and to protect the product even in bad weather situations, the SH-W-C2 shuttle truck is equipped with a weatherproof tarpaulin (controlled by a weather station that can inhibit missions, adjust its speed en route, etc.).

The vehicle is wire guided and the wired are fixed in the floor to determine the roadmap and the paths. The AGV has a motorised roller conveyor inside that can transfer 2250 mm high boxes placed on Europallets (80 x 1200). In order to guarantee a smooth entry, an automatic roller shutter has been designed that opens and closes as required, equipped with anti-intrusion sensors that are activated by blocking the opening of the shutter.

Year of construction: end 2022/ beginning 2023

Ferrara (Italia)

Supply of one laser-guided AGV of the LIFTER series to an Italian company, which is part of an international group with more than 1,600 employees in three macro divisions generating with an annual turnover of approximately 524 million Euros. The group operates in the field of plastics production (production of film reels for the packaging sector) and has already purchased an AGV for its Italian headquarters in the past, which is still operational. The sectors in which this group operates mainly include the medical and pharmaceutical industries, packaging, logistics, automotive and manufacturing. The special vehicle supplied has been specially designed for the transport of special loads with oversized lengths in cantilever racking. It consists of a retractable mast with a stroke of more than 1,000 mm and forks, which has a transport capacity of up to a maximum weight of 3,000 kg (corresponding to approximately 6,600 lbs), and a maximum lifting stroke of the forks of 5,500 mm. In full compliance with current safety regulations for traditional fork-lift vehicles with operator, two additional safety laser scanners have been installed on the front of the vehicle. The two devices are able to constantly monitor the lateral areas of the vehicle, and check that surrounding area is always free of obstructions and pedestrians.

Fostoria (Ohio, USA)

Supply of 2 AGVs of the LOADER series inertial guided, sold to an American company belonging to a big group. The company, which employs more than 2000 people and has a turnover of more than 590 million UDS, has been working in the steel sector for many years, with processes such as casting, rolling and extrusion of metals. The two vehicles supplied, each with a maximum transport capacity of 15,000 kg (corresponding to approximately 33,000 lbs), have been tested to transport a series of extruded steel coils for several production lines, placed on top of a table specially designed by Proxaut for the customer. Specifically, this type of vehicles has been equipped with a lift, which allows the table to be picked up, previously loaded with the reels, and then taken to the pre-established areas. In order to meet the customer's need to work continuously for 24 hours a day, the vehicles were equipped with lithium batteries capable of ensuring greater performance than the traditional lead-acid batteries. It was possible to achieve this result, also thanks to the rapid recharging system, which allows the vehicles to be recharged in less time than in the past.


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