Ferrara (Italia)

Ferrara (Italia)

Supply of one laser-guided AGV of the LIFTER series to an Italian company, which is part of an international group with more than 1,600 employees in three macro divisions generating with an annual turnover of approximately 524 million Euros. The group operates in the field of plastics production (production of film reels for the packaging sector) and has already purchased an AGV for its Italian headquarters in the past, which is still operational. The sectors in which this group operates mainly include the medical and pharmaceutical industries, packaging, logistics, automotive and manufacturing. The special vehicle supplied has been specially designed for the transport of special loads with oversized lengths in cantilever racking. It consists of a retractable mast with a stroke of more than 1,000 mm and forks, which has a transport capacity of up to a maximum weight of 3,000 kg (corresponding to approximately 6,600 lbs), and a maximum lifting stroke of the forks of 5,500 mm. In full compliance with current safety regulations for traditional fork-lift vehicles with operator, two additional safety laser scanners have been installed on the front of the vehicle. The two devices are able to constantly monitor the lateral areas of the vehicle, and check that surrounding area is always free of obstructions and pedestrians.

The special vehicle was made with an ad-hoc shape, suitable for the transport of loads with oversized length inside cantilever racks.

Retractable mast with carrying capacity up to a maximum weight of 3,000 kg (6,614 pounds)

Maximum fork height: 5,500 mm

Year of construction: 2021


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