Robust and reliable AGVs in USA, the experience of Charter & Steel

Robust and reliable AGVs in USA, the experience of Charter & Steel

At the beginning of October 2022, a maintenance technician from Proxaut travelled to the United States to carry out annual maintenance on the two AGV vehicles purchased by the customer Charter & Steel in 2019. The work was postponed due to pandemic travel restrictions to the US, but fortunately the situation normalised and the trip could be arranged. 

Hereby the comments of the Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Carsten Brad, in charge to supervise the maintenance of the AGvs installed in Saukville, Wisconsin: " I am very pleased with Charter Steel – Saukville’s partnership with Proxaut to implement Automated Guided vehicles in our facility.

The Proxaut team has displayed great knowledge, expertise, attentiveness, and kindness throughout the duration of our project. They provided two robust and reliable automated guided vehicles to withstand the harsh conditions of our manufacturing environment. The technicians that came on-site were well versed and trained in all aspects of their vehicles, including: assembly, commissioning, troubleshooting, programming, and electrical/mechanical expertise. The most recent visit to our facility was to carry out the annual preventative maintenance program. Matteo Parenti came prepared with the proper parts, tools, and documentation to carry out all preventative maintenance tasks effectively. He not only completed the necessary work, but also assisted with troubleshooting and programming to resolve a minor issue that we were seeing with our vehicle. His efforts were greatly appreciated. The one difficulty our US-based company has had during this partnership with Proxaut is the communication/scheduling. The time difference, language barrier, and distance between our facilities has caused some minor delays in back-and-forth communication and scheduling site visits. I am glad to hear about the acquisition by Middleby as this may help future communication and site visit coordination. Our company looks forward to continued work with Proxaut in the future!

This experience was possible only thanks to the commitment of the entire Proxaut After-Sales team and the qualified, competent and extremely helpful staff of Charter Steel, whom we warmly thank with this article.

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